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Facelift in Raleigh, NC

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About Facelift Surgery

Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon Dr. Glenn Lyle performs a full variety of facial surgical treatments. One of the most sought after surgeries at Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center is a facelift. This surgery concentrates on distinct sections of the face to tighten loose skin and create a more taut, yet softer appearance. Depending on your concerns and goals for surgery, a facelift can focus on the lines and wrinkles near the eyes, the cheeks and mid-face, the bottom two-thirds including the jowls, mouth, and neck, and more for an all-encompassing youthful look. The facelift technique used depends on your needs, the condition of your skin, the amount of laxity present, your lifestyle, age, and anatomy. Some men and women have skin laxity for a full facelift, while others may only be ready for a mid-face lift, or lower face and moderate lifting. Dr. Lyle is a highly trained and experienced surgeon who has a complete understanding of the complexity and delicate anatomy of a facelift surgery. The overall goal is to create a natural-looking result that's gorgeous, subtle, and still striking.

Ideal Candidates

Men and women who are suitable for a facelift will have drooping skin, lines, and wrinkles on the face whether it be on the entire face or the upper, mid, or lower face. Facelift surgery can address one or more areas depending on your unique goals and desired outcome. It is important to understand that age does not necessarily define the time in life to have facelift treatment. There are so many aspects and factors, as well as numerous lift techniques depending on the cosmetic concerns of the patient. The lifting technique chosen will vary for patients who are between 30 and 40 years old versus those who are older, such as 60 or 70 years old. The condition of skin is one of the most important elements in the planning process. Facelift patients should be in good physical health and be nonsmokers, and also have realistic expectations.

Surgical Technique

No matter the condition you wish to correct, there are various levels of facelifts to think about. Some facelifts address the upper portion of the face, while others focus on the middle and lower. In addition, some methods are slightly more invasive and intricate than others. It is also common for some patients to have an eyelid lift, brow lift, or fillers and BOTOX to complement and enhance the final results. A few of the more common facelift options include:

  • Full Facelift
    Considered the gold standard, the full facelift most often includes an incision close to the hairline, then extends down to the area near the temples, reaching the base of the ears. The underlying facial tissues and muscles are carefully pulled and safely tightened to produce a lifted outcome, which softens excessively loose skin and droopy features. This facelift is reserved for individuals who have visible signs of advanced aging. With this lift, various methods may be used, including blepharoplasty to enhance the eyes or a neck lift for the lower region.
  • Mid-Facelift
    With a similar approach to the mini lift, the surgery known as a mid-facelift focuses on the hollow and lax areas close to the cheekbones and the upper jaw. This lift works well for those who hope to improve the lower two-thirds of their face, including the jowls.
  • Lower Facelift
    This lift addresses the chin area and neck, and in many cases, the jowls. Nonsurgical methods, such as a Kybella injection, can also be used for chin reduction and to achieve a younger, tighter-looking neck.
  • Mini Facelift
    During a mini facelift, a thin, small incision is made around the ears to tighten and lift the skin to a higher position, which enhances the mouth, jawline, and jowls. This process creates subtle improvements that look natural.

What to Expect

Regardless of the facelift technique, the ultimate goal is to attain a soft and smooth outcome. The majority of facelift surgeries are performed with IV sedation or general anesthesia. The duration of the treatment depends on the invasive nature of the procedure, and whether or not other surgeries were combined. After the procedure, there will be bruising and swelling, some moderate soreness, and discomfort, which can be quelled by prescription pain medication. Many patients look and feel normal after several weeks. You will see a more glowing look with less lines and sagging. In all, the face will be lifted and younger looking.

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The Right Facelift for You

Cosmetic facial surgery can take years off your face and give you a gorgeous look. Today, there are many facelift options based on your unique needs and goals. This surgery is designed to elegantly and seamlessly walk you through each passing year looking natural. For more information, we invite you to get in touch with Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center to set up your appointment with Dr. Lyle.

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