Meet Our Team

7 Team Members
  • Dr. Glenn Lyle

    Dr. Glenn Lyle

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Glenn Lyle is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is dedicated to providing amazing results to his Raleigh, NC patients.

  • Amy


    Registered Nurse

    Amy is Dr. Glenn Lyle’s staff nurse. She is a registered nurse with extensive prior experience in post-operative cardiac surgery recovery.

  • Pavla


    Surgical Technician

    Pavla is our experienced surgical tech who is absolutely essential to Dr. Lyle's procedures and is a vital member of the operating room.

  • John Mertz, M.D.

    John Mertz, M.D.


    Dr. John Mertz is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience. He has been with Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center since 2008.

  • Jennifer Daniels

    Jennifer Daniels

    MedSpa Owner

    Jennifer is the owner of our Medspa at Raleigh Plastic Center. She directs a wide variety of non-surgical spa services.

  • Adrianne


    Insurance Coordinator

    Adrianne is our insurance coordinator at our practice who is a highly trained medical professional and healthcare benefits specialist.

  • Tina


    Patient Care Coordinator

    Tina serves as the liaison between Dr. Lyle and all future, current, and former aesthetic patients.