Upper Eyelid Surgery Sometimes Covered by Insurance, Raleigh, NC

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This 52 year old woman initially presented for Botox for her forehead. She had heavy brows and deep forehead lines. Botox likely would have worsened the brow drooping. Her upper eyelid skin was resting on her eyelashes. She did report trouble seeing objects above her head and noted difficulty seeing road signs at night. She underwent visual field testing at her optometrist and this revealed significant loss of upper peripheral gaze. An upper blepharoplasty was performed. Although brow lift lifting would have also had benefits, they are not frequently covered by insurance. Her blepharoplasty was covered. Upper eyelid skin and fat was removed. She also had corrugator muscles ( central frowning muscles which are treated with Botox frequently) partially removed to help the central brow elevate. She had significant improvement in her appearance and vision . The surgery made a dramatic difference in her facial appearance. She noted that she didn't look as tired or sad. She was able to have Botox injections with less chance of eyebrow drooping.


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