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Saline breast implant deflation Correction in Raleigh, NC

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This 33 year old woman had saline breast implants placed 10 years prior. She was doing well until she woke up with a obvious flatter right breast. She came in for consultation and very soon thereafter had her implants exchanged to new saline devices. They were submuscular so the pocket did not have to changed- just scar tissue removed. Saline implant deflation occurs in roughly one percent of woman with implants per year . This means that in 10 years - 10% of woman have had a deflation. Data varies on implant manufacturer, type of implant ( textured implants have higher ruptures for instance) and indication ( augmentation versus reconstruction) Fortunately, it is not a surgical emergency although it certainly feels like it to wake up with a "flat tire". The saline will be harmlessly absorbed and the implant usually doesn't get completely flat. The risk of waiting too long to get your implant exchanged is that the scar tissue naturally found an implant will tighten up around the implant and make getting you symmetric after exchange more difficult. Most manufacturers have a 10 year warranty on deflations and will pay for new implants ( 2 implants- even if only one is ruptured). Extended warranties offer additional financial reimbursement for costs. The nice thing about saline devices is that if they leak- you know about it early. Silicone gel implants have their advantages in terms of palpability but deflations are difficult to detect.

Deflated implant exchange

Before view Deflation

After view Reinsertion

Deflated implant exchange



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