Back Pain Relief with Breast Reduction in Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This 41 year old woman had very heavy, drooping breasts. She wore a 38 G cup and had to wear very restricting support bras which were very uncomfortable. She sought relief with a breast reduction. She was a smoker so Dr. Lyle advised smoking cessation for 6 weeks prior to surgery. Smoking affects the microvasculature ( small vessels) of the breast skin and can cause skin necrosis, wound healing problems and nipple loss. She underwent an anchor pattern reduction( also called Wise pattern) . Dr. Wise was a plastic surgeon in Houston, TX who was inspired by dress patterns to help devise a system to map out breast reduction markings . She underwent reduction at Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center with removal of 948 grams ( 2 pounds) of breast on the larger right breast and 814 grams (1.8 pounds) from the left. She had immediate relief form her back, neck and shoulder pain. She had no healing problems. She was extremely happy with her result and stated that she felt like a "new woman". Like many woman, she also wished she had done it earlier.


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