Breast Lifting improves shape and nipple position. Implants not often necessary.

Procedure Details

This 37 year old woman had developed drooping of her breasts after childbirth. She wanted slightly smaller breasts, smaller areola with higher nipple positions and fuller appearance. She also wanted more even breasts This is exactly what a breast lift or mastopexy can achieve. She was not sure if she wanted implants and was hopeful to avoid them. She underwent a vertical type breast lift which usually had little or minimal scar under the fold. She achieved smaller, perkier breasts with mastopexy alone and no need for implants and was very pleased . Determination of whether or not implants are necessary or desired during breast lifting is a difficult choice at times. Generally augmentation mastopexy is somewhat more unpredictable. In this procedure you are decreasing the size of the breast skin envelope and lifting the nipple position while expanding the breast volume with an implant. These are two competing goals and can make breast lift with implants more challenging and prone to future deformities. If patients are happy with the volume of their breasts, mastopexy alone is usually sufficient. If a lot of upper pole fullness is desired then an implant can be added. Generally more conservative augmentation is recommended . Some procedure during mastopexy- like dermal suspension sutures or placement of mesh make help to keep the lifted breast tissue in place can help . Ultimately loose skin which was the source of the deformity rarely totally stays tight after a lift


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