Ruptured Implant removal with Capsulectomy in Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This 48 year old woman had bilateral sub muscular textured implants placed at the time of mastopexy 10 years ago by another plastic surgeon. She developed problems with fluid leakage from her nipples which prompted a mammogram which revealed evidence of disrupted left breast implant. Ultrasound confirmed the finding. The patient wanted the implants removed and replaced. She underwent an en bloc capsulectomy of her right implant. The left side also had en bloc although during the explantation, the silicone was leaking posteriorly and the capsule was adherent to the intercostal interspace ( with lung directly beneath). To avoid chest wall damage, the leaking material was contained with a Betadine soaked surgical pad and the entire capsule and implant material was removed without leakage into the tissues. There was no sign of infection. The patient had smaller smooth walled silicone gel implants replaced. She also had the mastopexy revised. Pathological material was submitted to rule out ALCL. All of this was negative. The patient has done well 3 months post op Textured implants have recently received attention because of a rare association with a form of lymphoma called ALCL ( Anaplastic large Cell Lymphoma). Usually it is associated with a fluid collection around an implant. ( this patient had minimal fluid.- and no pathologic evidence of ALCL). If you have textured implants and having problems, make sure you visit an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon.


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