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This 51 year old woman had smooth walled saline implants placed almost 20 years ago. Although pleased with the result, she did have occasional pain with her submuscular implants. She began having a variety of health concerns in the past 5 years and despite no conclusive findings on medical evaluation, she wondered if her implants were causing any of her symptoms. She researched "breast implant illness" and came across websites and social media outlets with many woman with similar concerns. There was nothing on exam or by her history suggesting that her implants were an issue. She elected explantation. Her implants were entirely normal in appearance . They were intact, saline devices. The capsules were extremely thin and non pathologic. She was advised that her breasts will obviously be smaller and saggier after removal but she was not unhappy with the result after explantation. Future lifting or fat grafting can be performed if desired. Each patient presenting for explanation has to be considered individually. Many patients require complete removal of the capsule and thorough evaluation of implants and capsule. However, caution is warranted in blind recommendation for "en bloc capsulectomy" or exhaustive evaluation of capsules or implants. There are many conditions such as implant leakage, capsular contracture, capsular pain and even rarely ALCL that may require implant removal and capsulectomy but many patients have no major problems and just no longer want their implant.


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