Dual Plane Technique Augmentation in Raleigh , North Carolina

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This 37-year-old woman had never been happy with her breasts. After pregnancy she lost more volume and decided upon breast augmentation. She did have grade 1 ptosis which is a degree of breast sagging where the nipple is located at the level of the inframammary fold. This condition sometimes is best treated with mastopexy. However the patient did not want to undergo mastopexy and in fact wanted to go from a B cup to a D cup. Treating minor degrees of ptosis with augmentation alone is possible but requires specific technique to position the implant properly to elevate the nipple areolar complex. Considerations such as breast implant size and profile are taken into account to overcome the need for mastopexy. Implant position is also critical. Subglandular positioning can frequently overcome some degree of breast ptosis . When submuscular positioning is desired, a dual plane approach is often utilized. This involves release of muscle to allow the implant to be partially submuscular and partially subglandular in the lower pole of the breast. Implant size must fit the chest profile and be large enough to allow elevation of the nipple areolar complex. This patient had Allergan smooth walled round fold profile breast implants, 605 cc on each side. Dr. Lyle utilizes Keller funnel to introduce the breast implant to reduce potential contamination of the implant with potential bacteria that may be present in the breast tissue.She was very pleased with her new D cup size


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