Breast Augmentation - What Age Is Appropriate?

Procedure Details

The average age that woman seek breast augmentation is 34 years old. There are a number of factors that contribute to that decision. Many women choose to have this procedure after pregnancies with the expected loss of volume in the breasts after each childbirth. Many woman choose this at an earlier age because they were never satisfied with their breast size. Although generally felt to be more popular with younger woman, age is not a restriction or barrier. This is a 64-year-old woman who lost volume of her breasts after her pregnancies. Although she had contemplated breast augmentation, she did not seriously consider it as she was focusing on her children and subsequent grandchildren . They were her priority but she has long wanted larger breasts and chose to have breast augmentation at a later age than usual. She underwent placement of Sientra 440 cc implants in the subglandular/subfascial plane. This was decided upon based on her breast ptosis (drooping) which is better treated with subglandular placement. She was very happy with the fuller breasts which allowed more clothing selection to fill out her dresses and tops.. As long as patients are healthy and understand the risks of surgery, breast augmentation can be offered at a wide variety of ages with low complication rates.


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