Breast augmentation reinflates breasts after pregnancy

Procedure Details

This 32 year old woman had three children and noticed a "deflated appearance" of her breasts. She was happy with her breast size during pregnancy and was hoping to go from her current B cup to a full C /small D cup. She felt her breasts were droopy and wondered if they need a "lift". After comprehensive discussion of choices, including saline, gel and structured implants, she chose silicone gel devices. She underwent submuscular placement of Allergan Full profile Inspira smooth walled 415 cc devices . Dr. Lyle uses a Keller funnel to insert the implants to minimize risk of skin flora contaminating the implant which may lead to contracture. The patient was very happy with her "reinflated" breasts. No formal lift was necessary as the implant provided increased projection and elevation of the nipple position. Dr. Lyle recommends periodic follow up examination to check the implants and these are provided at no charge to his patients. Monitoring of implants with MRI was recommended by the FDA when implants were reintroduced onto the market back in 2006. Although this is the best best test to monitor for rupture- it is expensive and usually not covered by insurance companies. Physical exam is important but only picks up a possible implant rupture in a minority of cases. Silent rupture ( asymptomatic) is most often detected by ultrasound or MRI . Breast augmentation patients should periodically followup with a Board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation.


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