Implant exchange with mastopexy in Raleigh ,NC

Procedure Details

This 52 year old woman had sub glandular saline implants placed elsewhere over 10 years ago. She developed a right sided deflation and some capsular contracture. She desired a lifted breast appearance and softer more natural breasts. She did not have reported health problems. Dr. Lyle performed bilateral implant exchange with a "site change"- which involves placing the implants under the pectoralis muscle to limit future capsular contracture and provide more soft tissue over the implant. She had previous 390cc saline implants. She had them replaced with smooth walled Mentor 350 cc gel implants with a standard T scar mastopexy. The capsule and implant on the right was removed "en bloc" which involves removing the implant and its capsule in one piece. The left side was intact but its capsule was also removed and the new implant placed under the muscle. Sub glandular implants develop capsular contracture more frequently than sub muscular placement. Sub glandular ( on top of muscle) saline implants are also more easily palpated - . Dr. Lyle always recommends placing saline implants under the muscle. The patient was very pleased with her revision, now having softer , more attractive breasts.


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