Liposuction and Kenalog Injection Improves Abdominoplasty Result Raleigh

Procedure Details

This 39 year old woman had a previous abdominoplasty another physician. She desired more improvement in her back and flanks and abdomen. She also had a thickened scar of her umbilicus which was unsightly. She underwent power assisted liposuction ( PAL) to her abdomen and back and flanks. About 1100 cc of lipolysate was removed. She also had a Kenalog ( steroid) injection to her umbilical scar. She was very pleased with the improvements in her flanks and abdomen and noticed thinning of her umbilical scar . Liposuction is a useful adjunct during abdominoplasty but can also improve the results of prior abdominoplasty by refining contour as a secondary procedure.. There usually is much less recovery


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