Labioplasty Improves Protruding Labia Minora Excess

Procedure Details

This 32 year old woman had a longstanding issue with labia minora excess protruding from her vulva. She had irritation especially when participating in sports and also discomfort during intercourse. She underwent a central wedge type labioplasty with some extension into the lateral clitoral hood to address excess in this area. She was very pleased with improvement in appearance and eliminated discomfort . Labioplasty not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the vaginal area but also help relieve symptoms of friction during exercise and sexual activity. Many woman also note improved ability to wear tight fitting clothing such as yoga pants . Labioplasty can be performed under general anesthesia, sedation or in some cases- local anesthesia alone. Labioplasty costs range from $2600 to $4100


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