Labioplasty improves appearance and sexual satisfaction

Procedure Details

This 21 year old woman developed excess labia minora and clitoral hood hypertrophy as she matured. No cause could be attributed. She was very self conscious of her vaginal appearance and found them unsightly. She felt that it detracted from her sexual satisfaction as she was aware of the excess and the excess labia sometimes caused discomfort during intercourse. They also were noticeable in tight fitting clothing such as bathing suits and yoga pants. She underwent wedge labioplasty with extension into the lateral clitoral hood to reduce the excess in that location. She was very happy with new appearance of her now normal appearing labia . She was less self conscious and could wear tight fitting clothing now. Her sexual satisfaction improved as well. Labioplasty can be performed under a general anesthetic or with light sedation. Some patients can have them performed with local anesthesia alone depending on severity but the majority of women like being "out". Recovery is usually a few weeks but return to work can occur in as little as a few days. Limited exercise can resume in 2- 3 weeks and sexual intercourse usually in 6 weeks. Sutures are dissolvable. The pain is easily treated with a few days of a narcotic pain medication or even just Motrin.


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