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Labia Majora Reduction in Raleigh, North Carolina

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This 20-year-old woman complained that her labia majora appeared large which was noticeable in her tight-fitting bathing suits. Known by the slang term "camel toe". This is not a commonly requested procedure. Treatment was actually done with local anesthesia and very well tolerated. Initial liposuction of excess fat was carried out and then excision of the excess skin along the labia lines. The scarring was minimal, and the result was less noticeable labia majora. She now felt more comfortable in bathing suits and tight-fitting clothing. Surgery on the labia majora is less common than labia minora. Excessively full labia majora such as this patient can be treated with liposuction but often need skin excision. Surprisingly of the scarring can be minimal. With aging, labia majora often undergo wrinkling and deflation and this can be treated with fat transfer and skin tightening devices like Renuvion. These procedures are often done with local anesthesia very comfortably and reduces the cost of the procedure and allows for quicker recovery. Fat grafting or transfer is becoming a bit more popular to treat the labia majora. Sometimes filler agents can also be added to the labia majora a term called " labial puff". This can be done with injectables, but very good results can be had with fat transfer at Lyle Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center.

Labia Majora reduction Raleigh



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