BBL Improves Buttock Shape and Contour , North Carolina

Procedure Details

This 36 year old woman wanted improvement in her buttock projection and shape. She did work out frequently but no amount of exercise could change her shape. She was in good health and felt to be a good candidate. She underwent Vaser assisted liposuction with PAL ( Power Assisted Liposuction) with harvest of over 2700 cc of fat. Vaser is an ultrasonic device that helps break down fat more efficiently and may help shrink the skin a little. After processing and elimination of broken cells and oil she had approximately 1600 cc of usable fat. She did not want excessively large buttocks so only 580 cc each were used to augment her buttock. In general, it takes at least 3 months to see the preliminary new shape. This is because there is a certain amount of swelling and skin retraction that needs to occur to arrive at the early result. Also, some of the fatty tissue is resorbed .Contour is not just about adding fat to the buttock but as importantly- where it is taken out. Patient's skin tone has to be good too. Recovery from BBL is usually about a week of down time. Avoiding sitting on the buttock or laying on it, but many can return to jobs that don't involve a lot of sitting within a week. Return to light workouts can start in 2-3 weeks but compression garments are recommended for at least 6 weeks and full gym activities can resume in 4-6 weeks. Cost of the procedure really depends on the amount of time needed to achieve the desired result . It ranges from $8000 to $11000.


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