Male Plastic Surgery After Weigh Loss

Procedure Details

This 27-year-old gentleman had a prior gynecomastia procedure after he had lost about 100 pounds through diet and exercise. He had very little loose skin of his chest wall and sagging breasts. He not only disliked his loose saggy breasts but had very loose skin laterally along the chest wall. This was addressed with a Mastectomy with free nipple graft. He was prone to hypertrophic scarring and had to have Kenalog injections to his scars as well as prolonged taping to improve them. Ultimately the scars softened and became less noticable. About 5 years later, having struggled with significant weight fluctuations -he had a lap band procedure, he lost more weight and now desired improvements in his abdomen. Again he had very loose skin. He liked to work out and found that he even noticed the extra skin was apparent through his work out clothes. He underwent an abdominoplasty with removal of skin and excess tissue. He did not need a diastases repair as he had very good muscle anatomy. Cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance after weight loss is not as common in male patients However It is becoming much more popular and accepted. This patient was very happy with the improvements made after this weight loss and enjoyed his new physique


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