Explantation and Mastopexy in Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This 59 year old woman had bilateral 400 cc Siltex subglandular breast implants placed 14 years ago by another plastic surgeon. She developed a capsular contracture as well as breast ptosis ( drooping) and desired removal of her breast implants and breast lift with smaller breast implants. It was explained that single stage removal, lifting and exchange was riskier- especially with patients with subglandular breast implants because of compromised blood supply. Plan was for removal and mastopexy and possible replacement of her implants ( depending on concern about blood supply to the nipple). During surgery she had an en bloc capsulectomy and was found to have bilateral intra capsular ( contained within the capsule) rupture of her breast implants. She had removal and breast lifting. During the procedure- she did have evidence of reduced blood supply to the left nipple so no re-implantation was performed. Her left nipple recovered nicely with no loss. She was offered delayed placement of new breast implants 3 - 6 months later but she was so happy with her smaller , perkier breasts that she felt it wasn't necessary. Removal and replacement of breast implants with simultaneous lifting can be a challenging operation and often it is recommended to perform these procedures in stages . Careful dissection and appropriate planning can allow this combination to be performed safely but a "plan B" should always be ready and the patients should be informed of this possibility.


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