Saline Breast Implants in Women Less than 22 years Old, NC

Procedure Details

This is a 20-year-old woman who desired breast augmentation. She was initially interested in silicone gel implants however the FDA advised that Silicone implants be restricted to women 22 or older. The rationale for this was that women were still developing emotionally and physically. However, the real reason was that the initial safety studies did not include women below this age group. There is no data to suggest that silicone implants in women less than 22 years old are anymore prone to complications. Saline breast implants still perform very well in most women provided they have enough soft tissue to masked some of the ripples and folds that may be visible or palpable. Most plastic surgeons place saline implants In the submuscular position to reduce palpability and potential visibility of ripples as well as reduce capsular contracture. This patient underwent placement of Mentor smooth-walled moderate plus saline implants, 325 cc implants inflated to their safe capacity of 375 cc. She went from a B cup to a D cup. Patients below the age of 22 can still get silicone gel implants, however they must sign a waiver as this is considered off label by the FDA. It is not illegal-. Dr. Lyle follows FDA guidelines and also offers Ideal implants which are saline devices with specialized structural characteristics to reduce palpability and rippling. Silicone gel implants are still offered provided patients signed a waiver


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