Tummy Tuck, Diastasis repair and Hernia repair in Raleigh, NC

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This 36 year old woman had two large babies delivered by C section. She had significant stretch marks ( also called striae) as well as a wide diastasis recti ( stretching of the fascia that holds the rectus abdominus muscles together). She also had a small hernia just above the belly button where the diastasis was largest. She had a C section scar which accentuated the overhang of her excess skin. She desired correction of these conditions. Dr Lyle performed a full abdominoplasty with repair of her diastasis and direct repair of a small epigastric hernia. The c section scar was removed, the majority of stretch marks were removed and her diastasis was fixed. She was very happy with her result. Her scars are being treated with silicone based creams and massage. Abdominoplasty results in significant lower abdominal scars which usually can be hidden by most two piece bathing suits although adjustments in style are necessary to cover the scars. Most patients would never wear a two piece before the tummy tuck so are delighted to be able to shop for them. Scar treatments include silicone based scar creams, gels and adhesive strips which need to be used for at least 3- 6 months. Some laser treatments may help reduce redness and thickening. Ultimately- it takes a full year ( sometimes longer) for scar maturation. While scars never go away- they do fade and become softer.


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