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What is the age limit for a tummy tuck? 5 things to consider after age 50.

By: Dr. Glenn Lyle


Considering Tummy Tuck After Age 50? Here Are 5 Things to Consider 

When it comes to cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck, age is just a number. Many individuals over the age of 50 are opting for this transformative surgery to regain confidence and achieve their desired look. However, before deciding to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, there are several important factors to consider. 

1. Age- Dr Lyle has performed abdominoplasty in patients up to age 80. Physiological age is more important than chronological age. Overall general health must be very good, and the ideal patient has a BMI of 30 or less with no significant medical problems and a non-smoker.

2. Increased risks- There are increased risks as we age. DVT which can lead to pulmonary embolism is somewhat more frequent with advancing age. Special measure to prevent DVT such as blood thinners may be recommended. Other things like delayed healing and infection risk may increase but usually with ages over 70. In some instances, Dr Lyle recommends performing the procedure in a hospital setting.

3. Prior Abdominal Scars- The older you are- the greater the chance that you might have had prior abdominal surgery. A tummy tuck can be an excellent way to remove ugly scars in the lower abdomen, but upper abdominal scars may make the surgery riskier. Unexpected hernias are possible- so you should choose an experienced surgeon with the ability to deal with prior scars. Fortunately, more operations these days are done laparoscopically with less consequence from the scars

4. Expectations- As we age- the elasticity and tone of our skin suffers so having a nice tight abdomen may not be possible. Diastasis repairs usually are necessary but might not be as tight as the fascia covering the abdominal contents might be weaker. It is important to be realistic about goals

5. Potential longer recovery- recovery after surgery takes longer with advancing age. Dr Lyle has found that the vast majority of older patients do remarkably well. Of course- he is very careful with his patient selection.

Before considering a tummy tuck after the age of 50, schedule a consultation with Dr. Glenn Lyle to discuss your goals, medical history, and any concerns you may have. With the right information and guidance, achieving the body you desire is within reach, regardless of your age.

before and After abdominoplast

After photo of abdominoplasty in a 72-year-old woman

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