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By: Dr. Glenn Lyle


I have seen many patients who tell me that they would never wear a bikini at the beach or pool because they feel embarrassed about their tummy appearance. In many cases their pregnancies took a toll on their bellies. But for some women prior surgical scars – especially poorly healed and depressed scars – make them feel so much worse about their tummy appearance.

When people have a tummy tuck, in clinical terms known as abdominoplasty, part of the lower abdominal skin is removed to create a smoother appearance. Frequently removing this skin will get rid of surgical scars, in particular scars from appendectomy, hysterectomy, or C-section. Of course an abdominoplasty results in a new scar from hip to hip, but it is intentionally located very low on the belly so it can be hidden by many styles of bikini bottoms, underwear, and low cut jeans or shorts.

In the pictures, you can see this 50 year old woman with noticeable scars from the removal of an ovary and three C-sections. Although very fit, she would never wear a two piece bathing suit that showed her belly. During surgery, those scars were removed with her lower abdominal skin. After surgery, she had a much smoother and flatter tummy appearance.  Her new scar from the abdominoplasty is hidden with her underwear. She recently returned for a post op appointment and was so happy with her results that she wore a bikini while on a trip to the Caribbean!

Before Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck After


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