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Tummy Tuck and BMI

By: Dr. Glenn Lyle


What is the ideal body weight to undergo abdominoplasty?.

In general, patients with body mass index equal or below to 30 are good candidates for abdominoplasty. Excellent results and safe outcomes are pretty typical. As body mass index increases, complications also increase. Many studies have demonstrated this. Complications such as fluid collections or seromas, wound infection, wound dehiscence, poor scarring, blood clots and dissatisfaction tend to increase with increasing body mass index.

Patients with body mass index between 30 and 35 can have very good outcomes provided that they have overall excellent health. Associated health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, respiratory issues etc. may make surgery in this weight category prohibitive.

Those with body mass index of 35 or below are deemed suitable candidates for elective surgery provided they do not have underlying health problems. Even in this category, he urges weight loss attempts. Anyone with body mass index of over 35 are counseled to lose weight. There are some circumstances where body mass index alone is not a reflection of possible success with surgery. Some patients have specific regions they are concerned about and may benefit from cosmetic surgery with body mass index between 35 and 40. In this situation, provided the patient has no major health problems, the procedure may be performed in a hospital setting. In this category, DVT and possible pulmonary embolism are much higher risks as are other complications. A full, thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon prior to consideration of surgery in this weight range is necessary.

This patient is a 45-year-old woman who initially presented with body mass index of 40. Dr. Lyle recommended that she lose weight and get her body mass index below 35. She was successful in this regard -losing over 20 pounds over the course of 4 months. She had abdominoplasty with liposuction with nice improvement with no complications.

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