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Submental Liposuction - An Effective Procedure for Neck Contouring

By: Dr. Glenn Lyle


Submental liposuction (also called neck liposuction) is an effective tool for the proper patient to achieve slimming and better contour of the neck. It is especially successful for patients with good skin tone, not a lot of loose skin and fat that is distributed above the underlying neck muscles.  In many cases, a thick appearing neck is really related to fat that is distributed in the deeper part of the neck that cannot be safely treated with liposuction. Those patients may need a neck lift

Dr. Lyle often utilizes the Vaser liposuction system which helps to break down fat for suction and achieves some degree of skin tightening.  Other devices can be used to help tighten the skin such as the Renuvion device or the FaceTite .  Patients with smaller amounts of fat can also be treated with Kybella- which is an injectable chemical that helps to dissolve fat.

This 31-year-old woman hated the appearance of her neck and underwent a session of Vaser assisted liposuction under local anesthesia only.  She wore a compression chin strap for about a week which helped reduce swelling.  Final results usually take several months to be noted.  Overly aggressive liposuction can result in loose skin which then may need to be treated with other noninvasive modalities such as Sofwave. 

How much does submental liposuction cost? This really depends on whether or not the patient is done with general or sedation anesthesia but under local anesthesia the cost can range from $2500 - $3700.

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