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Beautifying the Chest--How Breast implants can have dramatic results.

By: Dr. Glenn Lyle


Breast augmentation can have a dramatic result on the appearance of a woman's chest.  Certainly it is designed to enlarge the patient's existing breast.  Women with well formed breasts have the optimal outcome as the breast implant merely enhances the naturally well shaped breast.

In some cases where severe breast underdevelopment occurs, the augmentation virtually reconstructs a better appearing chest.  Women who have lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss are typical examples.

This patient was a 33-year-old woman who has lost 60 pounds in the last several years through dietary changes.  She was left with deflated appearing breasts with visible ribs.  She was happy with her new weight of 115 pounds on her 5 foot 2 inch frame but she couldn't stand the appearance of her breasts.  She underwent bilateral submuscular placement of 400 cc smooth-walled silicone gel implants.  The results were immediate and life-changing.  Not only did it improve her cup size but it totally changed the appearance of her chest wall. She was extremely happy with the outcome and the procedure gave her new found confidence.

Post Op

After silicone gel implants

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