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The Gummy Bear Arrives: More Breast Implant Choices Available to Woman

The Mentor Company has recently gotten approval for a new breast implant that offers yet another option for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. The  Memoryshape implant comes in a variety of teardrop shapes to allow for a more natural slope to the breast. It also is slightly firmer and in some patients mimics a more youthful breast. Some have called this the Gummy Bear implant since it feels much like the popular candy. A similar device, The Style 410 implant from the Allergan Company was recently introduced, and with these newer Implants, surgeons can offer a variety of choices. These implants have been offered outside of the US for many years but scrutiny by the FDA has meant that US women have had to wait. The safety and effectiveness of these implants have been proven now which has expanded the armamentarium for plastic surgeons. These implants are not for everyone and a review of choices during your consultation will help you decide what will work best.

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