Options for Neck Rejuvenation Vary-Surgery Often Best Bet


18 - 29
5’ 0” - 5’ 5”
150 - 199 lbs

Procedure Details

This is a 24 year old woman has always hated her neck. She had been overweight and with lifestyle changes- lost 50 lbs and still noticed her neck was very full. She noted that other family members had similar necks. She wanted immediate improvement. She planned more weight loss but was frustrated with her appearance. Options included Kybella- a non invasive injectable fat reducing chemical, Coolsculpting, Liposuction alone and other minimally invasive devices. Dr Lyle offers many options- just depends on what might work best depending on desired improvement and individual physical findings. Her anatomy revealed a fair amount of abundance fat in her neck with relatively loose skin. She also had platysmal diastasis which is a separation of muscle in her midline neck. This condition often occurs with aging , weight loss or just inheritied. Generally, young adults usually can be treated with less invasive options- as long as the skin tone is adequate to shrink back to the skin after liposuction or these other choices. Her anatomy and skin tone suggested that she would have too much skin left so a isolated necklift was performed. This involves hidden incisions behind the ear and an incision under the chin. The muscle is realigned, fat is removed and excess skin is removed behind the ear and sometimes into the hairline. The result is a much more refined appearing neck. The patient lost a few more pounds after surgery which improved the outcome.


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