ReDo Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck on Fayetteville, NC Mom

Procedure Details

This 48-year-old woman had a prior breast reduction performed 20 years ago. She has had 2 children and gained weight and additional enlargement of her breasts over the years. She sought smaller perkier breasts and treatment of her abdominal pannus. She was in excellent health. She underwent a mommy make over where she had a re-do breast reduction with removal of close to three quarters of a pound per side of breast tissue utilizing her prior Wise pattern incisions. Her areolae were reduced in size. She had abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flanks. The Vaser liposuction device was used to emulsify the fat and power assisted liposuction used to extract it. Dr. Lyle uses Exparel intraoperatively to reduce postoperative pain medication requirements. After suitable recovery the patient has had dramatic improvement in her appearance with smaller lifted breasts and a flatter abdomen and flank area. Revision breast reduction is a frequently requested procedure. It requires significant surgical experience to avoid complications. Blood supply to the nipple areolar complex has been changed and careful surgical technique is necessary to avoid loss of nipple or compromise of blood supply. Women are quite satisfied with the further reduction of breast size and improve shape afforded by this procedure.


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