Implant Exchange in Raleigh, NC. Saline to Gel

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This 44 year old woman underwent saline augmentation 12 years ago. Over the years, she developed more palpability of the implant and some dropping or "bottoming out" of the implant. She want more naturally feeling breasts but approximately the same size. She had previous 360cc saline devices which were exchanged for 400 cc silicone gel implants. She required a capsulorrhaphy which is an internal tightening of the pocket to adjust implant position and correct the bottoming out. Results show a more lifted natural appearance. Saline breast implants are still popular today. . When the FDA placed a moratorium on silicone gel implants in 1992, saline implants were the only implants allowed for primary augmentation in the US. During this time, plastic surgeons moved to placement of a majority of implants in the sub muscular or sub pectoral position . This was to reduce palpability of the less natural feeling saline implants. Silicone gel implants were approved in 2006 for primary augmentation . Many patients with saline implants placed before 2006 continue to enjoy their result and see no need to change ; some opt for an exchange to silicone gel devices. This is not always a straightforward procedure. It may involve manipulation of the capsule by removal, reinforcement or a change to a subglandular position if issues with overactive muscular activity is a problem. Bottoming out is not uncommon- it can occur with patients with weak or loose tissues, large implants or just aging.


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