Breast Reduction: Highly Satisfying Procedure

Procedure Details

This 42 year old woman wore a 36J cup bra and suffered from neck pain , back pain and shoulder grooves. She had a particularly strenuous occupation and her large breasts and associated discomfort made her work days drag by. She sought breast reduction. She had treatment with chiropractors, wore support bras and took anti-inflammatories- all of which provided only temporary relief. She finally got approval from her insurance company for breast reduction ( also known as reduction mammoplasty). She had over 750 grams of breast removed from each side with an anchor pattern reduction. This technique is best with woman with large amounts of excess skin and allows shaping of the new smaller breast with smaller areolae. Breast reductions do lift the breast as well as reduce their size. She was very happy with the improvements in neck and back pain and loved her new size and shape. Breast reduction is one of the most satisfying procedures that woman chose to have. It provides near immediate relief of symptoms and improves the shape of the breast.


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