t via Reduction pattern with Simultaneous left reduction

Procedure Details

This 50-year-old woman presented with ductal carcinoma in situ ( DCIS) affecting the right breast. She was not a candidate for lumpectomy because the degree of involvement and involved tissue was under the nipple so she was advised to have a mastectomy. She was very large breasted and always wanted to have a breast reduction. She met with Dr. Lyle and it was decided to have a reduction pattern mastectomy with tissue expander performed on the right side with a simultaneous left breast reduction for symmetry. This is a 2 stage procedure. The breast reduction on the left is covered by insurance because it is required to achieve symmetry. After Tissue expansion during office visits postoperatively she had a suitable breast size to match her contralateral breast. Approximately 4 months later she underwent a simultaneous nipple reconstruction with a skate flap utilizing excess skin from her bra roll on the right at the time of removal of her expander and placement of a permanent silicone gel breast implant. In 2 stages, she had breast reduction with suitable reconstruction of a nipple. Reduction pattern mastectomies are useful in patients with large breasts. Although skin sparing mastectomies and nipple sparing mastectomies have been endorsed recently, Patients having an overabundance of skin with large breasts benefit from reducing the excess skin during mastectomy. It is a more complicated procedure but achievement of symmetric smaller breasts is possible.


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