Tissue Expander Reconstruction With Prior Radiation, Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This 58-year-old woman had a history of a right breast cancer treated with lumpectomy and radiation in the past. She developed a recurrence in her right breast and opted for bilateral mastectomy because she was triple negative. She wanted immediate reconstruction. She presented challenges owing to her weight as well as history of prior radiation. Prior radiation is associated with a higher complication rate with implant-based reconstruction and in many cases, autogenous flap reconstruction is recommended. The patient's body mass index was 36 which was not ideal for abdominal based flaps. She underwent bilateral tissue expander reconstruction With allograft during her initial mastectomy. 4 months later she underwent implant exchange for silicone gel implants, Allergan SSF ,695 cc Gel prostheses. Thereafter she underwent skate flap nipple reconstruction utilizing excess skin from her lateral bra roll area as well as some fat grafting to address some mastectomy flap discrepancy. Radiation presents many challenges with reconstruction but with newer techniques and careful planning can be performed successfully.


REX Hospital

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