Oncoplastic Breast Reduction : Often An Appealing Option for Breast Cancer

Procedure Details

This is a 64-year-old woman who was diagnosed with a left breast cancer. She was offered options including total mastectomy with or without reconstruction, lumpectomy alone or an oncoplastic breast reduction. This is a technique where the lumpectomy on the affected breast is performed in a combined procedure with the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon. The lumpectomy is performed allowing a much larger amount of breast tissue to be removed and the breast is reconstructed much in the way a breast reduction is performed. The contralateral breast is reduced to obtain symmetry. This is generally a useful procedure for a larger breasted women who would have considered breast reduction regardless of the breast cancer. The tumor location must be favorable to allow preservation of the nipple areolar complex. Completion of breast cancer management involves post operative radiation to the affected breast and this will typically result in some shrinkage of the breast tissue. Patients do very well with this type of procedure and benefit by the breast reduction and is excellent management of the breast cancer.


REX Hospital

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