Oncoplastic Breast Reduction with Accessory Breast Tissue Removal, Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This is a 68-year-old woman with left breast cancer. A variety of options were offered to treat the cancer including mastectomy, lumpectomy and lumpectomy with reconstruction. This technique, known as oncoplastic breast reduction involves a generous lumpectomy to remove the cancer with reconstruction of the breast as a reduction. The opposite breast is reduced simultaneously to obtain symmetry. Postoperative radiation to the involved breast is necessary to prevent breast cancer from returning. This patient had a size 44G cup bra and had always wanted a breast reduction. In this instance she had an oculoplastic reduction on the left as well as a balancing right reduction. She also had accessory breast tissue, which is excess breast tissue in the armpit area. She had this area removed during the right breast reduction. This patient had diabetes and hypertension which put her at greater risk of complications however she did quite well with the procedure with excellent wound healing. The radiation performed on the left side typically shrinks the tissues to a moderate degree therefore planning for this procedure entails leaving the affected breast with the cancer slightly larger in anticipation of shrinkage from the radiation. Oncoplastic breast reduction is a useful technique in treating breast cancer ,well suited for large breasted women who would otherwise benefit from breast reduction.


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