Going Flat after Breast Reconstruction, Raleigh, NC

Procedure Details

This 53 year old woman had undergone breast reconstruction over 10 years ago with a right TRAM flap by another plastic surgeon. Unfortunately she developed a recurrence in her breast and had to have the TRAM removed but was able to have an expander based reconstruction completed. A few years later, she developed cancer in the left side and completed implant reconstruction with saline implants. She was never satisfied with her reconstruction and never fully comfortable. She had some health issues that she thought might be related to her implants. The implants were normal to exam and not deflated. Ultimately she sought Dr. Lyle's assistance in removing the implants and the capsules with no replacement. This is called "going flat" and is actually on the rise nationally. Although Dr Lyle has done well over a thousand breast reconstructions- he understand that not all patients are comfortable and some may have problems such as leaking implants or capsular contracture. At surgery, she was found to have intact, normal appearing saline implants. The capsules were thin and did not have any abnormal pathology. Explantation is not straightforward- requiring skin and tissue modification to avoid a sunken in appearance. Capsulectomy is important to facilitate internal healing and remove any silicone if a ruptured silicone implant is found. Saline implants usually have a bit less encapsulation. This patient was very happy to have her implants removed, now feeling more comfortable.


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