Cosmetic Techniques Improve Outcome after Lumpectomy, Raleigh, NC

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This 64 year old woman had undergone a right breast lumpectomy for cancer over 10 years ago. As part of her treatment, she had undergone post lumpectomy radiation. Now free of cancer, she noted that as she aged, her right breast seemed to shrink and actually never drooped like her left side. She desired correction of this asymmetry and also cosmetic improvement in her breasts. She had a right sided subpectoral breast augmentation with smooth walled gel implants as well as augmentation mastopexy with smooth walled implants on her left. Her right implant was 100 cc larger to make up the difference. She was very happy with her improved shape and symmetry of her breasts. Correction of lumpectomy defects after cancer surgery is quite challenging. The radiation that is part of this "breast conservation" technique will almost always shrink the breast volume and cause tightening of the breast skin. Often there is distortion of the nipple and breast shape. It often worsens with age . As the opposite breast ages naturally, the treated side stays much the same . Healing on the radiated side is always more difficult . Treatment options include lifting, muscle flaps, fat grafting and implant placement. Insurance will sometimes cover the costs . Although breast conservation does preserve the nipple and the breast- it doesn't always preserve a balanced breast or a normal appearing breast. Consultation with an experienced reconstructive surgeon can often improve outcomes in these cases


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