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This 41 year old woman wanted improvement in the appearance and size of her breasts. She wanted to maintain fullness and alleviate drooping. She had some asymmetry with the right breast being larger. She wanted to feel better in her clothing and be somewhat smaller. She underwent a vertical mastopexy (with small reduction )with limited scar technique. The right breast had 286 gms removed while the left had 170 grams removed. She is much happier with her smaller and perkier breasts. Many women seeking breast surgery want their breasts to be less saggy, shapelier and smaller. Generally the difference between a mastopexy or breast lift and a breast reduction has to do with the amount of tissue removed. They both are performed with similar incision choices and both lift the nipples to a higher position and reshape the breast. Most mastopexies remove excess skin and some fatty or glandular tissue while reductions remove a significant amount of excess breast tissue. Breast reductions are frequently covered by insurance provided that you can document health issues such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain . You must also document non surgical measures to relieve these issues such as using anti inflammatories, wearing support bras and going to a physical therapist or chiropractor. Mastopexy is not covered by insurance but when combined with some small reduction of tissue- often alleviates these problems. Mastopexy may cost somewhat less than a reduction too .


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