Breast Implant Removal and Capsulectomy in Raleigh, NC

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This 42 year old woman had submuscular saline breast augmentation 3 years prior by another physician. She developed a mild capsular contracture which caused some degree of discomfort but had minimal effect on her breast appearance. She had concerns about "breast implant illness" which is an ill-defined condition with no real established diagnostic criteria. Despite little evidence in the medical literature of its existence, many woman are worried that their implants are causing health problems. Capsular contracture may cause some symptoms which may be similar. She underwent an implant removal with capsulectomy. Many woman ask for "en bloc" capsulectomy which means that the implant and capsule are removed in one piece. Although this is possible in many cases- particularly with very thickened capsules and in subglandular implants, it is not always possible or safe . Saline implants, under the muscle often have very thin filmy capsules especially over the ribs where its is intimately adherent to the periosteum or intercostal spaces. Removal with the implant intact would risk injury and post op chronic pain. In these instances- the capsule is opened- the implant inspected and removed and the rest of the capsule is removed. In her case, no pathologic finding were found. The capsule was benign on pathology and no implant problem identified. No infection was noted. She did feel better post op as many woman do experience some relief . Patients are warned that they will be smaller.


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