Ideal Implant Provides peace of mind of a saline- with more of a gel feel

Procedure Details

This 27 year old woman sought breast augmentation. She has never been happy with her breast size and noted asymmetry of her breast shapes. She was hoping NOT to have any sort of lift and just wanted fuller breasts. She was a little concerned about silicone gel implants and wanted to consider saline implants. Dr. Lyle went through a thorough discussion of her choices including the Ideal Implant- a saline device with internal structural design which allows a more natural feel with less change of folding or ripples of the implant. She chose the Ideal implant. She had a sub muscular approach through an infra mammary incision. Slight difference in dissection of her dual plane pocket helped correct her asymmetry without the need for any lifting. Although she still had some minor shape differences post op, she was much happier with her shapelier, more even breasts. The implants were barely palpable . Detection of implant failure with saline devices- regardless of whether it is an Ideal or standard saline is simple- no testing is necessary. If the device leaks- you know about it almost immediately and the saline is sterile and is absorbed harmlessly by your body. Implant manufacturers warranty the devices so if it fails, you can get them replaced for free and get some monetary reimbursement for operating room costs.


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