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Women who consider abdominoplasty will frequently inquire as to they are age appropriate for the procedure. While tummy tucks generally tend to be performed in women after childbearing years the age range can extend from late 20s to 60s and even the 70s. There is no statute of limitations on being concerned with your appearance!. Abdominoplasty in older women is not uncommon. Many women relate that they have dedicated there lives to their children and as their children have matured and even raised families of their own, it is now time to Improve their own appearance. In fact many older woman choose a "grandmommy " makeover. Safety in performance of abdominoplasty is paramount and this is especially important in older age groups. This 61-year-old woman was relatively healthy only having mild hypertension and was very unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen. She had a previous C-section scar which was unsightly and had rolls of excess skin above her bellybutton and below. She had a standard abdominoplasty with a small amount of liposuction. Older patients and those with health problems can still achieve nice results with special care to avoid over aggressive surgical maneuvers. This patient had nearly 5 pounds of excess skin and fatty tissue removed during her surgery. She recovered very nicely with no complications and is much happier with the appearance of her abdomen. She now can wear a bathing suit at the beach and fits better in her dresses.


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