Tummy tuck in Holly Springs, North Carolina woman

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This is a 40-year-old woman who has had 2 children and suffered pretty significant diastases rectus and laxity of her abdomen with loose skin and fatty tissue. She was otherwise in excellent health and desired improvement in her appearance. It really bothered her when wearing tight fitting clothing and bathing suits She underwent a standard abdominoplasty with diastases repair. A diastases rectus is a excessive stretching and loosening of the midline fascia which is the normally tough covering that encases abdominal musculature. During pregnancy this gets stretched and frequently does not rebound. Women are left with loose protuberant abdominal appearance which is very difficult to improve upon with exercise. Dr. Lyle uses Exparel during surgery which is a long lasting numbing medicine which really helps the discomfort associated with a diastases repair. This patient now has a flat abdomen with no more protuberance and the excess skin has been removed as well. She now can were normal tight fitting clothing and a two-piece bathing suit.


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