Scar fading after abdominoplasty, Raleigh, NC

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This 38 year old woman had lost about 50 pounds via diet and exercise. She underwent an abdominoplasty and was thrilled with improvement. She could now wear more tight fitting clothes and two piece bathing suits. Her scars were typical at 3 months post operative but she returned at one year and her scars had faded significantly. Barely noticeably now- scar maturation alone had improved the final result. Scar management after any surgery- particularly cosmetic surgery is very important. There are a variety of treatment modalities but not a lot of great scientific evidence to support one method over another. Scar appearance is dependent upon many factors including skin type, ethnicity, skin laxity, surgical technique and post operative management. Interestingly surgical technique may be the least important as most plastic surgeons use similar methods. Post operative paper taping or Steristrip use is very effective in the early going . Silicone sheeting and/or creams and gels are also beneficial. Some patients might respond well to laser techniques for problem scars. Ultimately time tends to fade most scars as the wound healing phases take over year or more to achieve maximal improvement. Actually- the older you are - the quicker scars fade. Thick or red scars are the body's attempt at strengthening the final incision and that process has to be modified to improve appearance


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