Liposuction Effective for Excess Fat

Procedure Details

This 43-year-old gentleman desired fat reduction on his abdomen and flanks. Although he did work out he had a hard time with fat excess in his abdomen. He underwent liposuction of the abdomen and flanks with removal of approximately 2800 cc of lipolysis. Generally the fat removed with a tumescent technique contains a certain amount of fluid and the actual fat removed in his case was probably closer to 1400 cc. He now has a more trim appearance. He actually is motivated to work out more to improved definition now that the carpet of excess fat has been debulked. In the past, there were no alternatives to fat reduction other than surgery or liposuction. We now have additional tools of non-surgical fat removal such as Cool sculpting and other noninvasive devices. Although these are useful it would be very unusual for them to achieve this degree of fat removal or would require so many sessions -it would be cost prohibitive. Liposuction recovery is relatively rapid generally return to working out and going back to the gym can start in about 4 weeks. Results usually take 3 months or longer to be fully apparent.


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