Hanging Pannus Removed in Post Bariatric Gentleman, Raleigh, North Carolina

Procedure Details

This is a 56-year-old gentleman who had prior bariatric surgery with over 100 pound weight loss. Unfortunately he also had to have spinal fusion and had atrophy of his lower trunk. His excessive loose skin of his abdomen draped down below his pubic area and he desired removal. He did have a host of underlying health problems but was considered a moderate risk candidate for abdominoplasty. He underwent full abdominoplasty in a hospital setting and did very well postoperatively . He has a very flat abdomen and flank area now. Post bariatric Body contouring has to be tailored for each individual. This patient had primarily excess skin and virtually no fat and his procedure was entirely done with excisional technique with no needed liposuction. The loose skin of his abdomen no longer causes him problems


REX Hospital

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